Severe Weather Safety Plan

Waseca Marching Classic Severe Weather Safety Plan
Field Show Competition
Waseca High School

Purpose:  The purpose of the Waseca Marching Classic Severe Weather Safety Plan is to assure the safety of all participants, spectators, and volunteers at the annual Waseca Marching Classic Field Show Competition. The severe weather safety plan, which includes moving everyone indoors, will be implemented in the event that inclement weather threatens. This plan should be reviewed and approved annually by the Waseca Marching Classic Committee.

Procedure:  The Waseca Marching Classic Committee will establish a sub-committee to monitor developing severe weather conditions and has the authority to implement safety procedures as necessary.

  • The sub-committee will consist of:
    1. Administrator On-Duty
    2. Two other members appointed by the Waseca Marching Classic Committee
  • The Administrator On-Duty will notify:
    1. Field Announcer
    2. Check-In Table Person
    3. Those in and around school building through public address system
  • Band hosts will:
    1. Escort band members and staff to assigned homeroom(s)
    2. Report to check-in table for updates and further instructions

In the event that further shelter needs to be taken indoors, the Administrator On-Duty will convey directions based on Waseca High School severe weather procedures.

The decision to cancel the event will be made by the Waseca Marching Classic Committee and head judge.

Drafted: August 10, 2015
Approved: August 13, 2015

Annual Review and Approved: August 18, 2016
Annual Review and Approved:  July 19, 2017